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Hotel FAQ 1 Damavand - Ardsol - 01-03-2012 08:53 PM

Hotel FAQ 1 Damavand Tours

Q- Do u you know maybe some nice (and cheap) hotel in the central of Tehran city for our Trip to Damavand, Iran?

A- Depends how much money you want to spend for a hotel? My suggestion for the cheapest and best accommodation is, to go directly from airport to Camp 1 Polour Hut, the Iranian Mountaineering facilities closed to Damavand ... much better weather than in Tehran, you can save your money and time and best place for acclimatization.

Q- Could you recommend intermediate, good but not so expensive hotel in Tehran? We intend to use it after Climbing Damavand.

Shahr Hotel 3*
Tel: +9821 - 77700041 - 6
Fax: +9821 – 77880553 – 77700047
Address: 3 Rah Tehranpars, Damavand Street Tehran, Iran
Email: hotelshahr_east@yahoo.com
Tel/fax: 021-77700044

Hafez Hotel 2*
Bank Allay, South Ferdowsi Ave,
Tehran, Iran.
Tel :
(+98 21) 66709063
(+98 21) 66705331
(+98 21) 66743073-74
(+98 21) 66742593-94
Email: Hafezhotel85@gmail.com
Fax (+98 21) 66701367


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RE: Hotel FAQ 2 Damavand - Ardsol - 12-03-2012 01:25 PM

Hotel FAQ 2 for Damavand Travelers

Q- Could you possibly give us a tip for a cheap but nice hotel in Teheran for three nights?
A- Please choose it from Hotel Lists; we may be able to book it for you.

Q- We need a booking for a hotel in Tehran for one night after Trekking Damavand?
A- First choose your Hotel, we may arrange it for you.

Q- Do you arrange our accommodation at the city, right? Or do we have to arrange it by ourselves?
A- We may arrange it for you.

Q- Could you arrange deposit of our luggage after Climbing Damavand (if not I will talk with our hotel - no problem)?
A- Usually most Hotels give this service to their clients.

Q- Is it necessary to have hotel reservation after the Damawand tour, in Teheran, Esfahan and Shiraz.
A- Yes, we may book your hotel in Tehran.

Q- Can you please book me a simple hotel in Tehran before we go to the mountain?
A- Yes, we will book a room for you, please be in touch for the hotel address. If you have Google Earth software installed on your PC just click on the attached place mark file to see your Hotel location in Tehran!


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Hiking Guide Damavand Iran - Ardsol - 28-10-2022 03:03 PM

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Mount Damavand mountaineering tours - Ardsol - 02-09-2023 04:31 PM

Mount Damavand mountaineering tours

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