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Transportation - Ardsol - 04-04-2012 12:16 PM

Iran Transportation
The kind of car for your transportation to Damawand Mountain is dependant on the number of persons who take part in your group through your travel, you can use a private car, a taxi, a middle bus or a bus. Also the transportation for some special parts such as Mt Damavand camp1 to camp2, which is a gravel road, should be a strong car such as a Jeep or any 4WD patrol car.

Useful Tips for Transport
- In city tours use only yellow or green cabs.
- At airports ask for airport cab at info desk.
- Due to road traffic, it is not a good idea to drive on Iranian weekends (Thursday and Friday).

[Image: 4WD-Car2.jpg]

Transportation for Damavand Tours
We support incoming tourists with the best possible transportation to all Iran destinations fro hiking trekking, natural and historical sites.

- Transfer from IKA Airport to a hotel in Teheran.
- Transfer directly from IKA Airport to Camp1.
- Transfer from Tehran hotel to to Camp1 Polour hut.
- Transfer from Camp1 to Camp2 Base (as far as Car can go up).

- Transfer from Camp2 to Camp1 Base (as far as Car can go up).
- Transfer from Camp1 Polour to Tehran hotel
- Transfer directly from Camp1 to IKA Airport.
- Transfer from Tehran hotel to IKA Airport.


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Transport to Iran Ski Resort - Ardsol - 04-04-2012 12:21 PM

Transportation for Iran Ski Resorts

[Image: Minibus.jpg]
Transport from Tehran hotel to the following Ski Resorts and back to Tehran:

- AbAli Ski Resort.
- Damavand Ski Resort.
- Darbans Sar Ski Resort.
- Dizin Ski Resort.
- Lasem Ski Resort.
- Shemshak Ski Resort.
- Tochal Ski Resort.


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